Probate and Estate Administration

Despite careful planning, disputes can occur when dealing with the provisions of a Will or trust.  It is necessary to ensure that you have an attorney with experience in Will and trust litigation in representing beneficiaries and fiduciaries.  Contact us today at Jacobs•Polidora to explore your options with such an experienced attorney.

We advise trustees in the administration of trusts including situations where disputes arise with beneficiaries or co-trustees.  We are very skilled and experienced in handling all aspects during the probate process, including representing executors and administrators when probate or trust disputes arise.

We have experience in the area of trust administration and are able to assist and advise you on any issue arising during the administration of a trust, including, but not limited to:

  • The duties, powers, and standards of a trustee
  • Trustee accounting and recordkeeping
  • Investing and managing trustee assets
  • Resignation or removal of a trustee
  • Modification, revocation, or termination of a trust
  • Creditor’s rights against the trust or beneficiaries
  • Administering a trust after the death of a settlor
  • Subtrust funding
  • Trustee compensation and attorneys’ fees
  • Property tax considerations when real property is involved
  • Estate tax and income tax considerations

Note: the above listed services are just examples of the numerous services that can be provided by our firm.  This is not intended to be a complete list of all the services we can provide for your estate needs.  Contact one of our lawyers today with any questions or for a free consultation.