Termination of Parental Rights

In general, parents have a right to their children and this right is heavily protected by the courts. However, there are situations which allow a court to terminate a parent’s legal rights, thereby ending his or her relationship with a child.

If you are seeking to have a parent’s rights terminated

The Wyoming statutes are clear regarding what you have to prove in order to terminate someone’s parental rights. Because this is a fundamental right, the assistance of an experienced attorney is extremely useful for such cases. Our attorneys can analyze your situation, taking into account all of the facts, and help determine the likelihood of succeeding should you file an action to terminate someone’s parental rights.

If someone is trying to terminate your parental rights

Once your parental rights are terminated your child can be adopted without notice to you or your immediate family members. Your relationship with your child is permanently severed. This means that you have no legal right to make decisions for your child or to contact the child. Consequently, your child’s relationship with your family members is also severed. If someone is seeking legal action to terminate your parental rights, you need to contact an attorney immediately. Our attorneys are experienced in preserving parental rights and will assist you throughout the legal process.