Guardian Ad Litem

Some courts in Wyoming require that parties in a custody matter retain a Guardian ad litem (“GAL”), which is an attorney who represents the child’s best interests. The GAL spends time with the child(ren) involved in the custody dispute in order to make a recommendation to the court as to which parent should get primary physical custody. The GAL can play a vital role in a custody dispute, and it is important to retain a GAL who is able to build a rapport with children while also diligently gathering all relevant information. Our experienced attorneys practice throughout Wyoming, and can serve as the GAL in your custody case when the court requires it.

While most courts in Wyoming do not require a GAL, parties can request the court to appoint a GAL if they think it would be beneficial to their case. If you are a parent in a contested custody case and are seeking the assistance of a GAL, please contact one of our attorneys.