Contractors & Subcontractors

Whether you are subcontracting a construction project out to another party, or you are the subcontractor, a properly drafted subcontractor agreement helps to protect your interests.  A subcontract agreement is an agreement between the general contractor (sometimes construction company) and subcontractor (plumber, electrician, painter, etc.) that covers the labor and services for the general contractor on a particular job.  Having the right attorney draft this contract will help ensure your agreement is valid, enforceable, and what everyone intends it to be.

For the general contractor:

Before offering a contract to a subcontractor, it is important to make sure your attorney reviews the terms.  Subcontractors offer unique services that are crucial to ensuring your project is done correctly, smoothly, and on time.  If your subcontractor violates municipality or State codes, the responsibility may fall on the general contractor.  Having a contract that contemplates all the possibilities in this relationship will assist in ensuring your project is done correctly and on time, and most importantly, within budget.  Furthermore, the contract must be drafted properly to ensure that the subcontractor is defined as a subcontractor and not an employee.

We can also assist you in claims against a subcontractor who did not perform as specified in the contract, who did not perform quality work, or who did not complete the job.  If the initial contract between you and the subcontractor is not drafted properly then it may be difficult to recover from the subcontractor.  Contact the qualified lawyers at Jacobs•Polidora prior to offering a contract to a subcontractor to make sure the specifications within the contract are really what you intended.

For the subcontractor:

Before signing any contract for your services with a general contractor, it is crucial that you contact one of our experienced, knowledgeable attorneys.  Many subcontractors find themselves having completed the job and do not receive payment because of a poorly drafted contract with unique clause.  Having an attorney explain your contract prior to signing helps to ensure success.

We can also assist you in finding the correct remedy to resolve your collection needs if the general contractor refuses to pay for your services, despite a well written subcontractor contract.  Set up an appointment today with our office prior to signing any subcontractor contract or if your general contractor refuses to pay your bill.  Bring a copy of all contracts utilized and any correspondence received by the general contractor, or that you sent to the general contractor.  Call the lawyers at Jacobs•Polidora today to make sure you are protected.